About Us

Experienced punters have teamed up to create highly accurate predictions and uncover bookmaker's mistakes. We are betting the opposite way to many other's approach as we are sure it is the only way to gain good profit on our investment. We are strong fans of value betting, so every match is recommended with certainty that sufficient value is included in the odds. This means selecting more longer priced winners. Our longtime experience, information sources, money management methods and discipline make us possible to make money from sports betting in the long term.

Our service started off, as we shared our picks with other bettors within several communities. Based on big demand from punters, the website was then established. The domain name says for itself - we regard sports betting as investment, not gambling. We simply tell our followers where placing money is advantageous. The service was temporarily accessible free of charge, as we wanted to demonstrate our skills and make a verified record of picks. The record is proofed by

Starting in September 2004, we began to charge a small fee for access to our advices. This way, the service is now available only for serious punters. We can cover the service costs, we can pay our information sources, and sending SMS notifications is possible. And above all, we can release picks which we couldn't make accessible by wide public. In short, we hope to improve the service in many ways.

We believe the fee for using our service (starting at 29 USD per month) is nothing compared to money that can be won by a typical punter staking average money on their bets. We are one of a few services that have proven themselves for many months for free, who were not afraid of revealing their results as well as proofing them by third party verifier. And finally, there are not many services making such a big profits as we have been earning continually, recording only one losing month.

If you are an intelligent punter enough to value our 20 % yield and record of over 300 historical bets, you are welcome to JOIN US for very reasonable fees!

Should you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.