Frequently Asked Questions

- I registered to your service, but did not receive a confirmation email.
This may occur to some of our users. Some mail systems consider our email messages a spam. That's why some email inboxes don't get our emails at all or the emails can be moved to the spam directory of your email box. Please ensure that your email box is capable of receiving all the emails from the domain. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

- My credit card was refused when purchasing, what do I do now?
In some cases, the iKobo or Clickbank payment processor (which we use to transfer the money) is not able to complete your payment. The reason typically lies in the wrong phone number provided or mistyping of some of your data. If you think this could be your problem, please visit our credit cards page and try to repeat the payment. You might also want to transfer money without any hassles by As it is a quick and convenient way of purchasing your subscription, we offer incentives for using this payment system. For more info, please visit our Moneybookers transfer page

- What should I do to avoid missing your picks?
As soon as new picks are added, we notify our users by email. Those who enter their mobile phone number get the notifications by SMS. The notification service via email and SMS is free of charge. Please understand however that there are third parties included in the notification process (mobile messaging providers, mail servers often blocking the emails) so we cannot guarantee the notification delivery. The good news is that 99 % of people are getting the alerts perfectly.

- What leagues do you usually prefer betting on?
Most of our selections are in the form of National Hockey League picks (Ice Hockey) and soccer (mainly European football). When the NHL is out of the season, the majority of our picks are soccer matches.