What do you get with the service? provides its subscribers with sporting advice with excellent profitable results. To know what you can expect from our service, the following information gives you answers to your possible questions. Please contact us if you need any further assistance.

Short description of what you get by subscribing to
- to join the service, you need to register and make a payment
- at least 12 picks per calendar month are given
- picks are published at least 3 hours before the predicted matches start
- new pick notification is given for FREE by email and SMS

Detailed description:

What's included in the advice.
Well, we publish our picks on soccer (European football) and ice hockey matches. Occasionally, in rare cases, some other sports are included (e. g. tennis). You receive information on what the match is and at what sportsbook (bookmaker) the odds will make a good investment in our eyes. We also enclose stake advice so you will know how valuable the selection is in our opinion. Some of the matches will also be provided with a brief commentary. We publish the picks at latest 3 hours before the advised match starts, with exception of bets which have a good value for us and can be sent just 1 hour before start.

How to join the service
The process is quick and simple.
1) Firstly, you have to register your account at This way you register your email address, which you will use as your login to the Members area, and you choose your password .
2) Purchase your desired subscription, for which you get access to our betting advice. Make your payment on the order page using your preferred payment method: credit card, or bank transfer.
3) We will notify you by email as soon as your payment is received on our side. You are then prepared to fully use our service!

The method of advice delivery.
You can see all the important information after logging in to our Members area. To make sure you don't miss any of our advices, we will send you a notification email. In case you want to be reached anywhere, you can provide us with your mobile phone number so as we can send you an information via SMS. Please enter your mobile phone number using our Members area.

The SMS notifications will carry a whole information that will be enough for placing a bet. Email alerts only tell you that there are new bet available in Members sections. Notifications are sent for FREE and without guarantee of delivery. 99 % of our subscribers get them fine.

Minimum amount of advised matches.
To achieve a high return on investment, we need to select matches carefully. Providing you with predictions with real value is our primary aim. Therefore, you won't be bombed by many sports betting picks. How many picks we release depends on information we have and the part of season, but we intend to release at least 12 selections per calendar month.

Betting Investor staking plan
We rate our matches between 5 to 50 units (points). On average, we stake around 10 points per bet, but the common stake is mainly 5 points per bet. The real money you place on our advice is your decision and betting budget. Please note that you should never bet more than 3 % of your betting capital on one match. You always have to expect long losing streaks to occur, especially with where we place bets on higher odds.

Bookmakers to use
It is recommended to have an account with bookmakers we take the odds from -,,,,,, and (some can be added in the future). The vast majority of bets are placed with Centrebet, Worldbet and Unibet. You can get even better odds (prices) by following other bookies which we don't cover, or using betting exchange systems. This way, you can achieve bigger profit than we do at If you only bet with your local bookmakers and cannot bet online, you can also make good profits with us, even though your earnings may be slightly lower depending on your local bookies' odds.

We have helped our followers earn thousands of dollars in only one year provided they placed just 10 USD per one point advised. For prices starting at only 29 USD per month, you can join these successful bettors too. Start making big profits from sports betting with one of the most profitable sports advisers around!